Here I am, selling Norwex! Why? Because I love it! If need anything contact me here, or order through my link below!

Not going to lie, I am a bit obsessed with Norwex.
Norwex is AMAZING for everyone, and cleans up to 99% of bacteria with JUST water!
It also just cleans better than anything, seriously though… and on top of that, SO much better for our planet! Honestly, my shower door has never been so clean, my pots look brand new…And just a little cloth removed stains from my table that took me YEARS of trying to remove. But the major piece of this… is CHEMICALS. Norwex is chemical FREE cleaning! All the bleach and dangerous chemicals these days are AWFUL for our families and our enviornment. Who knows what they’re causing or making worse (a lot actually)…let’s change how we clean and heal our families!

Some Facts about Norwex

Each Norwex Microfiber product comes with a two-year guarantee so it can be used over and over, rather than tossed.

Norwex’ antibacterial agent BacLock®, is designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and/or mildew growth within our products so they don’t need to be laundered as often. Washing microfiber less often reduces any shedding and saves water and energy too!

Cleaning with Norwex Microfiber and water drastically reduces the use of cleaning supplies and chemicals that can end up in our water supplies.

My TOP Norwex must have purchases!

  • The MOP! This mop is a MUST have. I hated my wood floors because I couldn’t get them clean, now they are spotless! The dry mop picks up far more than even my vacuum too! (It comes with a wet AND dry mop) – make sure to add on the rubber brush!
  • The SAFE HAVEN 5 set! This is the perfect beginner set, also the most needed items in your home. The window cloth is what basically sells everyone on the switch to Norwex. The powder laundry detergent is also the BEST all purpose cleaner ever when diluted with water. ps. You can ONLY get the incredible cleaning paste in one of these sets….it REMOVES PERMANENT MARKER from surfaces!!!
  • The Kitchen Towel/Kitchen Cloth! This cloth is MY GO TO! It catches ALL the crumbs (they don’t fall off either) AND also cleans! The cloth can hold a half cup of water, and the towel can hold TWO cups of water!!! You can also get these AND the Safe Haven 5 items + more for a discount in this bundle. Check out the counter cloths for smaller versions of the kitchen cloth that work fabulous as napkins!
  • The Body Cloths! Not going to lie, I am a pretty stinky person (thanks hormones), anyway…these cloths are a game changer. No soap, no more stink AND my body feels moisturized. Yes, I said no soap. JUST USE WATER! They also remove permanent marker from the skin!!!
  • The Veggie and Fruit Scrub cloth! NEVER peel a carrot again! For real though. It’s mind blowing…

Ready for some Norwex?
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Fun Fact: because I had such reservations before trying Norwex, I bought some similar companies products to see how they compared to Norwex. Not only did the other companies smell like mildew after one day (Norwex takes weeks before needing a wash!) , they also took far more elbow grease than the Norwex ones! No thanks! Norwex is 100% worth every penny.