Do you pee when you sneeze?

SO many people make jokes about women peeing when they sneeze after having children. Like this is supposed to be something we live with? FOREVER? And it’s funny? It actually drives me bonkers because it really doesn’t have to be… no one has to pee when they laugh, sneeze, cough… you name it.

Did you know that there is something called pelvic floor therapy out there? Literally a person who helps you strengthen your pelvic floor and guess what… NOT pee when you sneeze. And here’s the kicker… you can even go 30 years after your last kid was born…it’s okay to get help!

They also help with a magnitude of Women’s health issues, before, during, and after pregnancy. I firmly believe all people who have given birth should have pelvic floor physical therapy. It should be a thing, like…well visits for babies. Talk to your primary care doctor about it NOW and click HERE to find a pelvic floor PT in your area!

When you’re done with the PT, feel free to think of me when you sneeze and don’t pee. Haha… okay don’t… but you’re welcome.


By Birth Boobs and Babies

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