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These boobs are made for latching…

And that’s just what they’ll do. (Insert tears of joy emoji here)..sorry, I had to..

Isn’t it ironic that we are born with breasts literally only made to feed your baby but breastfeeding isn’t something that comes naturally? Pretty rude isn’t it?

We all want to believe that the moment our sweet little babe is born into the world they will latch right on and this everlasting bond will immediately form. Well I’m here to tell you that while you WILL form that incredible bond, it may not be immediate… hey, it may take weeks…. and that’s okay. For real, it’s okay.

I may have lost you already, sorry sorry… let me bring you back to the sweet spot here for a second. The moments when your baby latches on your breast for the first time will be some of the most wonderful moments of your life. The rush of hormones along with the cocktail of rainbows and unicorns (yes it’s real) that came out when you birthed that baby….mmmm unexplainable, beyond… beautiful. Did I win you back yet? It’s extraordinary…. I promise.

But…Breastfeeding is hard work. You think you have a good latch from what you’ve read and seen posted online and then a few days in you notice your nipples are cracked and bleeding (buy this now!) and when your baby unlatches your nipple looks like a tube of lipstick… why? A bad latch. Latch latch latch latch. Say it with me LATCH!

The latch is EVERYTHING. If that latch isn’t there, and you don’t get it adjusted, things can go downhill fairly fast. I honestly believe this is where lots of mamas feel like they cannot keep going due to the pain and give up, (totally okay if that is/was you) but you don’t have to. Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt. You CAN fix that latch mama, you just need to get some help and know where to find it.

Keyword here. Help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Like….ever. Once you correct that sneaky latch, it won’t hurt. It shouldn’t hurt. And you will have a beautiful nursing relationship for as long as you both choose to have one.

Now where do you get help?

First person you should ask is your midwife, they should be by your side anyway for the first few days, have them check your latch! Also, some hospitals do have lactation educators on staff, but many do not so…

No midwife?

Ask your doula for recommendations or support!

No doula? (insert tears)

Then check here for an IBCLC Lactation Consultant or check here for a local La Leche League in your area and they can help you with your breastfeeding worries in no time. (Even is for some reason it’s not the latch, they can help with that too!)

Please please please just ask for help. You’ll thank me.. or your boobs will thank me. Either way, you’re welcome.


Oh and keep in mind it can take up to TWO weeks for your milk to fully come in, don’t let anyone tell you differently. You’re welcome again. Xoxo


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