Eczema (insert swear word here)

I am a firm believer that 90% of eczema comes from food intolerances or allergies. Now I know I am not a doctor; and I will never claim to be, but I do believe that eczema can be cured “most” of the time just by some tweaking of a diet.

So many times people have come to me with eczema that just will NOT go away and we check out their diet, or their child’s diet, and within a few days of removing the culprit food… BOOM! It’s gone.

I have seen far too many people slathering on awful steroid creams over and over to have the eczema come back…and repeat. Their doctors didn’t even talk to them about the root cause, just send in the prescription, and led them on their way! To me that is so wrong, not only are steroids so bad for your skin, you’re just masking it and not finding the root cause of the eczema.

Eczema is the devil of all “rashes”. It flares, it itches, it gets ANGRY! My middle child’s major symptom of a food causing them an issue is eczema. My oldest for a while had such a unique form of eczema it looked like ring worm! No, it wasn’t ring worm, it was eczema… (insert swear word here!) From what you ask? EGGS! We watched her diet closely, I saw it flare when she ate them. I removed them from her diet and within a few days it was gone AND never came back. That is UNTIL we retrialed egg again just to be sure ( about a month later) and sure enough the eczema came back.

With that said, when you are dealing with eczema, I highly recommend doing an elimination diet (click here for my post all about it) to try and find the root cause. I also recommend seeing an allergist if you haven’t already just to make sure there isn’t an anaphylactic allergy at hand. A quick and fairly painless skin prick test will usually give you those answers. If you have seen an allergist AND your child has no severe allergies, it’s usually an intolerance causing the issue and that won’t show up on any blood, or skin test unfortunately. Sucks right?

In the mean time, slather that baby up with good ol’ Vaseline. I know I know that stuff is gross. It may be gross, but it covers that angry eczema monster with pure moisture, and that’s what it needs… and it works!

NOTE: When we find a food culprit, we remove the food indefinitely or until our allergist tells us we should try again.. usually 6 months – to a year later ( I tend to keep it out much longer but that’s me). Please please please..once finding your culprit food, do not add that food back into your or your child’s diet for a while! Clearly it’s causing issue on the outside of the body, so who knows what it’s doing on the inside. (behavior issues? That post is coming don’t worry!)

I know this is a lot, so if you have any questions.. I’m happy to help!

*** as always, please remember that I am not a doctor, always consult your physician before making any health changes for your or your children***


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