To the tired mom: you’re not alone.

I was on night 3 of my husband being out of town for work. He had been out of town a lot the past few months and since we homeschool, I literally do not get a break when he’s gone. I didn’t have a sitter available and we have no family nearby, so it’s just me and the 3 kiddos all day and night until he gets home.

After being with the kids non stop for multiple days… I was


Eczema (insert swear word here)

I am a firm believer that 90% of eczema comes from food intolerances or allergies. Now I know I am not a doctor; and I will never claim to be, but I do believe that eczema can be cured “most” of the time just by some tweaking of a diet.

So many times people have come to me with eczema that just will NOT go away and we check out their diet, or their child’s diet, and within a few days of removing the culprit food… BOOM! It’s gone.