Allergy Free Homemade Chicken Nuggets! (Healthy Too!)

My kids have a ton of allergies. Top 8 and then some… We basically can’t get take out for them and I have to come up with unique recipes to keep them happy. On top of that, I kinda hate cooking so….when I came upon a chicken nugget recipe I thought I could work with, I tweaked it a bit, and it has been a MAJOR hit in our house.

The perk of this yummy chicken nugget recipe is that it is SUPER HEALTHY. it’s simple, fairly easy to make, and has very few ingredients!


Eczema (insert swear word here)

I am a firm believer that 90% of eczema comes from food intolerances or allergies. Now I know I am not a doctor; and I will never claim to be, but I do believe that eczema can be cured “most” of the time just by some tweaking of a diet.

So many times people have come to me with eczema that just will NOT go away and we check out their diet, or their child’s diet, and within a few days of removing the culprit food… BOOM! It’s gone.


THE elimination diet

So you deliver this beautiful baby and all of a sudden it has these red bumps on its cheeks and a diaper rash and it doesn’t go away. You go to the doctor and they brush it off as “just baby acne and normal baby stuff” but you just have this gut feeling it’s something else and then you notice some spit up too. I tend to believe that mom gut (mom intuition) usually knows best. So you check Facebook mom groups and some people are all like “oh yeah my baby had that and it was a food allergy/intolerance” and you freak for a second..


Sorry friend, but they can. And a lot do… and it’s going to be okay!