Foremilk and Hindmilk

Okay so let’s talk how amazing breastmilk is. Or one of the many ways that is…

Here is a fun lesson in the wonders of breastmilk: I had been pumping 10oz in the morning and 10oz at night to donate. I decided to stop the morning pump session and pumped my nightly one a bit early because I was so crazy engorged.

In the photo above, check out the right side milk. It is the first milk pumped from my right breast. It is ALL foremilk from the pumping session I missed. Note how BLUE it is!!!!


THE elimination diet

So you deliver this beautiful baby and all of a sudden it has these red bumps on its cheeks and a diaper rash and it doesn’t go away. You go to the doctor and they brush it off as “just baby acne and normal baby stuff” but you just have this gut feeling it’s something else and then you notice some spit up too. I tend to believe that mom gut (mom intuition) usually knows best. So you check Facebook mom groups and some people are all like “oh yeah my baby had that and it was a food allergy/intolerance” and you freak for a second..


Sorry friend, but they can. And a lot do… and it’s going to be okay!



Corn, basically the devil in my house. Corn is pretty much in like, everything if you live in the United States. No seriously though, everything. When you find out you, or your child cannot have corn, for whatever reason, it’s like you had a death in the family.

WTF do I even eat? That’s the most common question I get these days. While there is a very long list of foods you cannot eat on a corn free diet, there is a good list of things you can, you just have to find it