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The must haves of must haves when you’re having a baby

I figured it would be handy for everyone to have a list of alllll the “things” that made my life SO much better/easier pre and post birth…and hopefully they will make your easier too.

After 3 kids and lots of trial and error, these are my go-to’s.

Oh! and If you haven’t already, sign up for an Amazon Baby Registry HERE (if for no other reason than to get the freebie items they give when you sign up..they are always worth it!)

Lets start with birth and postpartum…

  1. RED RASPBERRY LEAF TEA – this was my go to drink and is great for pregnancy to help strengthen your uterus and prepare for birth. It is also great for postpartum in helping to get your uterus back to it’s wonderful smaller self. You can read more about it HERE
  2. PADSICLES – now I know you are wondering what a padsicle is…  it is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your after birth routine…okay not exactly but it will definitely make your life so much better. A padsicle is a menstrual pad that is doused with witch hazel, folded back up and then frozen in a large zip lock bag.
    Once frozen, gently….use it as if you are on your period. It won’t absorb much but it will be a godsend I promise. You can use any period pads, and this is the witch hazel I like best.
  3. NIPPLE CREAM – Get the nipple freaking cream. It doesn’t harm the baby, slather that stuff on and read my post about making sure to have the proper latch HERE!
  4. MENSTRUAL PADS – On that note, get yourself a TON of pads to use postpartum. Not gonna lie, there is a lot of bleeding… so take care of yourself and go organic.
  5. MomWasher Peri-Bottle – Now, you can find these peri bottles for about $.99 but I feel like after giving birth you should go big or go….well in my case I was already home so…. anyway, I like this fancy Fridababy peri-bottle, it has a nice angle and was much easier to use. In the first few days, use this after you go to the bathroom, kinda like a bidet.
  6. TUCKS – not sure any explanation is needed for these, but use these instead of toilet paper. Hemorrhoids aren’t fun, and happen a lot postpartum. PLUS, they feel good.
  7. STOOL SOFTENER – Again, no explanation needed, but even if you didn’t need these, it will help with the confidence in pushing out your first poo post baby.
  8. SITZ BATH – I liked THIS spray, but to soak in an actual sitz bath is a beautiful thing postpartum and helps healing go a bit quicker.
  9. EARTH MAMA HERBAL PERINEAL SPRAY  – I LOVED this spray postpartum, and supposedly this makes a nice aftershave when you’re done?
  10. ADULT DIAPERS – yes, you’re welcome. (trust me.. these are also lovely if your water breaks early in labor…hellooooo gushes.)
  11. CHUX PADS – These are great to lay on postpartum or in labor.
  12. BUTTON DOWN NIGHTGOWNS – and pajama sets, these are SO helpful to make things easier with the constant newborn cluster breastfeeding. I have a thing for J-CREW ones, but Target has a lot of options too.
  13. BREAST PADS – I personally like the reusable ones, especially the Bamboobies brand ones. They last for years and wash easier than the other ones I have tried. I prefer the thick overnight ones for even all day use. I linked the combo pack for you to try all the options.
  14. NURSING BRAS – Ones without wires, for so so many reasons.
  15. BREAST PUMP – I like the Spectra brand, and everyone should be able to get this free with your insurance, or pay a little extra for the rechargeable version. I have never had a pump work as well as this one, I literally couldn’t pump anything until this baby came into my life! These also come with bottles so you can use those first to try. A hand pump is also helpful, I like THIS one. You should also invest in a Haakka. A Haakka is a “pump” that attaches to the nipple that is not is use when you are nursing. It will catch all of the milk that leaks (it can be a lot) and you can then save it/feed it to baby.

Okay now on to the fun stuff, since we all know adult diapers don’t really make anyone too excited. When it comes to must have lists for babies, I honestly feel like there is SO much you DON’T need that people seem to constantly say you do. You really only need about 10-15 things for baby, and here is my go to list for life with your new babe.

  1. DIAPERS – duh….but my kids were/are ultra sensitive. Bambo Nature brand is your best bet if you choose to stock up. They are absorbent, and super soft. They cost a bit more, but when you stock up on regular diapers and learn your child is allergic… it’s very disappointing.
  2. BABY WIPES – My go to is Seventh Generation, they are gentle for the sensitive babes and go on sale often.
  3. BONDS WONDERSUIT SLEEPERS – For real though, only get these. ONLY! They are from Australia and zip from the bottom AND the top. LIFE SAVERRRRRR!!!!! They have adorable prints, short sleeve versions and long sleeve ones have removable covers for the hands, and feet which helps when you forget to clip those nailsies.
  4. HAND ME DOWN CLOTHES – Babies grow SO fast, when it comes to clothes, get all the hand me downs that you can. On top of it, people ALWAYS gift clothes, even when you don’t ask for them. There is rarely a need to buy any clothes, except Bonds sleepers anyway.
  5. NAIL SCISSORS – This one only, seriously. It makes things SO easy.
  6. CAR SEAT – Now, I personally go right to a convertible car seat. They are far more comfortable for baby, and they last for years, vs potentially only a year. You do have many choices when it comes to car seats, but as far as what kind, you can ONLY choose an infant seat OR a rear facing convertible car seat. I prefer the CLEK brand for both. We use the CLEK FLLO convertible seat, with THIS infant insert. But since I have had my babies, they have come out with an amazing CLEK LIING INFANT SEAT that is worth a try if you would like the convenience of an infant seat.Make sure to ALWAYS read the Car Seat Instruction Manual and go see a CPST to make sure your car seat is installed properly and safely. I’m sure you have heard otherwise, but most fire departments and police departments ARE NOT certified CPST’s! Click HERE to find a CPST in your area.
    PLEASE REMEMBER: It is NOT safe to let the baby sleep in the infant seat any longer than when you are driving. When you remove the infant seat from the base, the recline on the seat changes and can result in suffocation which leads to a very dangerous situation. 
  7. BABY CARRIER-I prefer the TULA brand, especially the Free To Grow since it can be used from 7lbs and up without an insert (and it is safe for babies hips unlike some other brands out there). THIS IS A MUST. I don’t know how I would have survived early motherhood without this. If you have a smaller baby, a stretchy wrap like a Solly Baby wrap may work better until the baby gets a tad bigger.
  8. CRIB/SAFE SLEEP SPACE – 2/3 of my kids were not willing to use a crib, so make sure you follow the safe sleep rules for cosleeping HERE if you choose to co-sleep.
  9. STROLLER – Another thing 2/3 of my kids didn’t use, they preferred being close to mama in the Tula. My 3rd child loves THIS stroller, and if you are looking for one to attach to the CLEK LIING infant car seat, I would get the UPPABABY Vista and THESE attachments so stroller connects with the seat properly.
  10. BOTTLES – If you aren’t breastfeeding or plan to exclusively pump… get some extra bottles. I like the ComoTomo bottles, but note that babies are picky and may want a different type of bottle. (If you are exclusively breastfeeding, you may not need more than what comes with the breast pump).
  11. DIAPER BAG – A backpack one, like THIS, but any ol’ backpack will do. I have this specific one and it is amazing and is great with even 3 kids. But for real, backpack ALL the way, trust me!
  12. SOUND MACHINE – Because when you breathe, they wake up. For real though..
  13. BABY MONITOR – I still use mine with all 3 kids, and I love it, especially for peace of mind. I really like the Infant Optics brand, the customer service is good and you can add additional cameras for the same monitor.
  14. SNOT SUCKER – We love all things Frida baby, so check out the NoseFrida, it’s not gross, there’s a filter between the snot…don’t worry. Off brand ones work just as well, like THIS.
  15. GENTLE SOAP/LOTION/DIAPER CREAM – We use Earth Mama brand, it is the cleanest we have found and allergen free. and last but not least… diaper cream. The BEST OF THE BEST is called CALMOSEPTINE. Nothing compares, NOTHINGGGGGG!!!!!!!

As far as towels, washcloths, etc., we just used what we already had, no need to get baby specific. Plus they look freaking adorable all snuggled into a huge towel.
Anything else you would want, is up to you. But this is basically all you will need and more to keep that baby happy and Mama feeling good after birth.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way! Happy Shopping!



***the bolded links above are affiliate links, thank you for using them! As always please consult a physician before making any medical decisions.***



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