Why working moms are amazing, written by a SAHM.

Someone told me today how amazing I was for being a stay at home mom with 3 kids, homeschooling, and also writing a blog. I mean, yes, I am amazing hah.. but to me this isn’t that astonishing.


Because the person who said this to me is also a mom, a doctor, has 3 kids, and a husband who’s on call most weeks. On top of all of that, she also has to do all the millions of other things we have to do as moms. Let’s talk about amazing.

I honestly don’t think I am strong enough to be a working mom, not with young kids that is. I thrive on the fact that if I get zero sleep the night before, I can stay in my pajamas and do basically as little as possible the next day. Working moms can’t do that! They can’t just call in sick because they didn’t get sleep, or because their child was puking all night! I highly doubt any person has enough sick days to handle 2 years of sleepless nights per kid.

The fact that these women have the ability to function in society while also being real life zombies, boggles my mind. That to me is superhuman.

There are days when I literally cannot put a full sentence together because I am so overwhelmed by parenting. To think that if I was working I’d have to give a presentation in front of a supervisor, have actual conversations with adults that make sense, and then be expected to come home and care for my family. I mean… What!? Top it all off with all the mamas who are also pumping breastmilk all night AND day to feed their baby!?


To the working moms reading this, while I understand how hard it must be to leave your babies every day (shoot it’s hard for me to just leave for an hour), please cut yourself some slack. You are doing something that is beyond comprehension. You are a badass super human, and proving to the world how strong women are.

Mad props working mamas, you are incredible.


By Birth Boobs and Babies

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