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Oh to be validated…

Validation… there’s nothing like it. Sometimes all we need to hear is that what we are doing is right. That what we are needing is okay…that how we feel is real.

I was at the doctor the other day and after explaining all the things I was doing to try to help myself, they responded with “wow, well that’s exactly what I would tell you to do! That’s amazing!” And I felt so powerful. I was doing the best thing for me and my body, and that feeling of validation from a doctor I trusted meant the world to me. I was doing it right.

But the validation doesn’t even have to come from a doctor, or medical professional. Validation comes in all forms, like a friend responding to your feelings and honoring them, a lover telling you they love you too, or your child giving you a hug after you do something for them. Being validated helps to remind us that what we are doing is okay, and sometimes that’s all we need to get by in this very judgmental world.

Yes, I totally understand that our strength needs to come from within, but that’s not always reality. Sometimes we struggle and we need a little push from those around us to remind us of our worth. Validating our friends and family (especially our children!) is an easy way to show them we care and are always there when they need support.

It’s really as simple as “I understand”, or “I would feel the same way”. Accepting someone’s feelings, without any judgment, can change someone else’s outlook on life almost instantly. They are not alone.

It is so important to use empathy and remember that all people are struggling with something, even if they wear it well. Think about a time when you were validated by someone, and how good it felt. Use that feeling to validate those around you, they may be needing it more than you realize.

Hey, it may even make you feel good too!


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